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I'm stuck on a take-home test. What's the answer to question 4?

Wear your helmet, kids.

2009-10-09 12:33:54 by Darksporks

I would probably have died, or at least have severe heat trauma if I was cycling without a helmet yesterday. Seriously. Collisions are no joke.

And the Olympics go to...

2009-10-06 00:37:24 by Darksporks

Once again, Obama fails. AND I LAUGHED.


2009-05-19 12:29:37 by Darksporks

What did I say? Barack Obama hasn't done anything to fix the economy. He's spending too much time appearing on television shows, getting honorary degrees, and bowing down to the Queen of England to do anything. In fact, he's only making things worse - by doing the same things Germany did after WWI. Their economy didn't bounce back until they started killing Jews. Is that Obama's plan? Hopefully not! He's just a slogan. He's a good speaker, when he has his teleprompter. He's a figurehead and nothing more. HOPE CHANGE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE


2009-01-21 17:44:48 by Darksporks

Yes, I said it. SCREW THIS. NO ONE SHOULD GIVE A CRAP THAT HE'S THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT. (He's not the first, as that was Bill Clinton. He's also NOT BLACK.)

Come back in 4 years and tell me you still approve the actions of your "messiah" and I'll offer discussion with you. However, all he has now are empty promises. I look forward to the day when, although I might not have a single cent left and will have sold my computer long ago to pay for food thanks to Obama's idiotic policies, I will still have the words "I told you so."

I have 3 eyes

2008-09-26 00:18:53 by Darksporks

I have played Spore so much in the past weeks that I actually grew a third eye.

BTW don't install any purchased version of the game. DRM messed up my computer. Not to say you shouldn't buy it, but just don't INSTALL a version that EA gave you. FUCK YOU SONY.

With the uploading of my final (And I think best) song, Television Is Lazier, my entire musical collection is on NG. Now to go find something else to do for a day or two before SPORE.


2008-09-04 22:32:58 by Darksporks

I have a free 3 day pass for TF2 that will expire on Sept 19. If you want it, PM me your Steam name.


2008-09-04 19:49:23 by Darksporks

I'll keep sending in music until it comes out... SPORE!! I've been waiting 2 years for this game! NEED NOW!


What is coming

2008-08-29 03:30:16 by Darksporks

I will be submitting an album I call "7 Things I Think of Apple" made after I started playing with GarageBand over the next few days. The songs are:

Through What Was 10,000 Years (3:18) - What I think of everything that's happened since 8000 BC
2 Days Later (3:55) - What a weekend sounds like
3 Kilobytes of Madness (4:54) - 3072 bytes of this song are completely insane
An Essay in 400 Words (8:58) - By the end of this song, you'll understand why
5 Minutes (5:00) - This song is five minutes long and deviously happy
6 Iterations of a Fractal (3:08) - Screw it. There's a reason no one uses fractal melodies.
Take 7 (5:24) - An experiment in 7/4 time

Expect them all before SPORE comes out.